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CEPF Personal Chat Room

Live Chat by ZaZa Software

Chat Room Schedule

We try to have the chat room open
Sunday - Saturday 8PM EST - 11PM EST

  1. This is a MODERATED chat room. Moderators or the Administrator may ban chatters from the chat room if they feel the chatter is not behaving in a manner commensurate with CEPF rules and standards. Banning a chatter is left to the Moderators' or Administrator's discretion. If you feel you have been unjustly banned from the chat room, please email the chat room Administrator, Rev. Heidi Andrews, to discuss the issue.

  2. The following behaviors are not acceptable in our chatroom: A/S/L, vulgarity and swearing, and the discussion of lewd or illicit topics. Our chatroom is a family-oriented, pagan discussion chatroom. We ask that you please be considerate and abide by our rules while you are visiting us. Feel free to join us in the ongoing discussion if you wish, but, if not, please do not disrupt our conversation. (So that everyone is clear on this issue, 'family-oriented' means we do not promote nor advocate nor tolerate any activity in any form whatsoever that is deemed illegal by the local, state, or federal governments under whose jurisdiction we may fall. *See additional information below.)

  3. Please do not IM (instant message) anyone in our chatroom without first obtaining their permission. Most patrons of our chatroom find it very rude. If you persist with such behavior, we will have no choice but to place you on 'Block', or, depending on the severity of your actions, ban you from our chat room entirely.
*As stated in the CEPF By-laws:

Membership Status: Any person's membership or participation by decision of The Board of Directors, either for lack of attendance and/or participation, or for willfully violating the basic ethics and ideals of The Church as stated in Article I, Section J and Article II, Section D of this document will be dealt with in the following manner; first offence a written warning , and for further offenses the member shall be asked to leave. More severe cases will be grounds for immediate removal.

All visitors that are not official members of CEPF are considered to be guest members, and as such fall under this clause. A complete copy of CEPF's By-laws can be located in the Reference Library.

Chat Room Ban Offenses

  1. Continuous Drama - Drama being content that is overly emotional and rather annoying. Think of daytime soap operas. They are overly dramatic and entirely fictional. Being a serious organization, we abhor drama. Those starting drama will get one warning before being banned.
  2. Bragging, Boasting, and otherwise Unsolicited Advertising - We’re here for discussion, not to be sold something. One warning will be given.
  3. The spreading of Unsubstantiated Rumors and outright Falsehoods - We don’t give a fig about who’s grinding the rumor mill. This also falls under the category of Drama. Slander also falls under this rule.
  4. Excessive Swearing - A warning will be given only ONCE. Sometimes there are young ears and eyes around, and everyone should behave accordingly.
  5. Discussion or Advocacy of Lewd or Illicit Topics in type, on VC, or on Webcam - INSTANT PERMANENT BAN: This rule is posted on the Chat page of the website before they even make it to the chat room. That is considered their first and only warning. There will be NO reprieve from this banning. Such behavior is in violation with the CEPF Code of Conduct stated in the Church’s By-laws.
  6. Flaming - Intentionally saying something rude or derogatory with the intention of starting a fight. Personal attacks, name calling, etc. fall under this rule. Flamers will get one warning, then they will be banned.
  7. Being a Nuisance or behaving in a Outright Ridiculous Manner - Have fun with everyone is one thing, but being a general nuisance will not be tolerated. One warning will be given.
  8. Romantic Interludes - CEPF Chat is not a dating service. We do not support nor endorse internet relationships. If you want to play kissy face online, do it through an IM service such as Yahoo© , MSN Messenger© , AIM© , etc. Behavior of this kind interrupts the seriousness of our chat room and makes it less enjoyable for our patrons.

First Offense - Written warning and/or a 2 week ban
Second Offense - 1 month ban
Third Offense - Lifetime ban
(Only exception being Rule #5 - Permanent Lifetime ban on first offense)

Course of Action

    If a person has been banned from our chat room, they can petition the Board of Directors to have that ban lifted (exception being a violation of Rule #5). The Board of Directors has 5 BUSINESS days for a first offense violation and 10 BUSINESS days for a second offense violation in which to investigate and respond to the petitioner‘s plea. If the petitioner wishes, they may request the Public Relations Director (Ed Sampson) to appoint a PR Officer as an advocate to represent the petitioner’s case to the Board. If the petitioner does not hear back from the Board in the allotted time for their plea, they are to assume the ban remains in effect and will be lifted at the specified time (i.e.: 2 weeks or 1 month). Once the ban has been lifted, the chat visitor will receive an email advising them of their reinstatement provided CEPF has a current and valid email address.


    By clicking the button below, you are agreeing to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the CEPF chat room as stated above and acknowledge that you have read and understood the list of chat room ban offenses and consequences.

I Agree

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