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     This Church was created to provide, for pagans of varying spiritual paths and traditions, a safe place to congregate and worship in anyway that they see fit as long as it harms none and violates no one else's religious or civil rights and freedoms. Too many times even pagans begin to fall into the trap of many "mainstream" religions in as much that they feel their way is better than another's.

     The Church of Eclectic Pagan Fellowship is about the promotion and understanding of the differing paths and traditions that are found under the vast heading that is Paganism. The most common statement you will probably hear from our members is "Many goal."

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Our Mission:

  •      To provide a safe haven for practitioners of differing pagan paths to worship as they see fit so long as it does not violate the religious or civil rights of others or causes harm.
  •     To promote unity among the World's Religions through understanding, cooperation, and respect.

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A Proud Affiliate of Universal Life Church

The Church of Eclectic Pagan Fellowship is a proud affiliate of Universal Life Church headquarted in Modesto, CA. Our congregation number is 61941.

ULC Headquarters

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